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COVID-19 Updates: American Rescue Plan-Safe Return from COVID-19

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, please make sure to notify the school district.
Trumann School District ADH Point of Contact Information:
Amy Ball, TSD Social Worker and
District ADH Point of Contact: 870-227-1521
Tina Hotchkiss, TES Asst. Principal and
PreK/TES ADH Point of Contact: 870-483-5314
Janet Marks, TMS Asst. Principal and
TMS ADH Point of Contact: 870-483-5356
Lora Stogsdill, THS Asst. Principal and
THS ADH Point of Contact: 870-483-5301
One of these 4 staff members will contact you directly if your student is determined to be a Close Contact/Probable Close Contact to a positive COVID case. For the privacy of all students and staff, Trumann School District will not be sharing any personal information publicly.
Please note: Some COVID test results take several days to come in. As we receive notification of positive cases, our staff members investigate to determine (according to ADH rules) who is a Close Contact/Probable Close Contact.
Want more information on the district's response to COVID-19?
Want more information? 
ADH COVID-19 page:
DESE Ready for Learning COVID-19 page: COVID-19 page:
CDC COVID-19 page:
Statewide Community Resources Portal:
A message from the Trumann School District:
Trumann School District Community,
We would appreciate your input regarding the use of COVID-related funding the district has received/is set to receive. Please respond to this short survey:
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Trumann Administration
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