Technology and Google

The Trumann School District 1:1 Technology Initiative at Trumann Public Schools is pleased to announce that it has 87 Google Level 1 Certified Educators,  43 Google Level 2 Certified Educators, and 5 Google Certified Trainers serving students. We are continuing this school year with the use of ACER Spin 11 Chromebooks that are touchscreen, turn 180 degrees, and work to support student learning in all content areas. Students in K-12 each are assigned a device. PreK students also have classroom access to devices. Students in grades 5-12 are allowed to take their devices home at night to provide an equitable chance at achieving and learning. With COVID-19 and students and teachers needing to quarantine, the district acquired 1600 Verizon hotspots to be able to provide free wifi internet to any student required to stay home.
Everything Google is the continued focus for TSD. Students and educators are using G-Suite in the classroom daily. Favorite Google Apps are Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Keep, G Drive, Google Forms, etc.