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Wildcat Stadium

We are excited to bring you updates and progress shots of our new Wildcat Football Stadium! Be sure and check back here often for progress videos and pictures!
Artistic Renderings 

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Jan 22nd, 2018: More drone shots and progress videos will be made when the weather permits! It's a little muddy out there, so we'll get back out when some real work resumes. This should be fun!

Feb 13th, 2018: Progress! Dirt work continues and concession stands are coming up. Foundations are being established while plumbing and conduit lines are being placed. Enjoy this latest progress video.

Mar 16th, 2018: Things are starting to take shape! You can see the floor plans of the concession stands and the field dirt work is almost complete. The Field house footprint is becoming visible. Enjoy this latest progress video.

Apr 20th, 2018: Concession stands are in the finishing stages and the field house is taking shape! The playing surface is taking shape and is looking turf ready. We are excited about brining you updates, so check back soon!

June 1st, 2018: Wow! The field house is coming up very quickly. Almost to quick to film good progress shots. It's taking shape! The visitor side stands are up, and the home side stands are nearing completion. The band section is up and the press box has been placed! Won't be long and we should see some turf. Check back soon!